Spectra Trust
Packaging Material


01  Our products are of the highest quality. 
02  We only use the best products and support the leading manufactures who have proved the quality of their products. 
03  We are continuously finding new product ranges to satisfy our customers' needs and deadlines




We supply all cardboard box types required by our diverse fruit farming clientele. We also arrange for the printing and editing of logos and mottos.


We supply the latest punnet designs from various manufacturers. We also do direct importing of these punnets to reduce the price for our clients.

Plastic Bags

We satisfy all plastic bag needs for every type of fruit.


We supply all the hardware that you need, including tensioners, staple guns, sellotape dispensers and more.

We believe in the importance of supplying our customers with an affordable, high quality, one stop solution. To this end we undertook a co-operation agreement with OVERBERG AGRI. This agreement affords the opportunity to our clients to source any product related to the farming/production cycle.

We also stock shrivelsheets, kwiklocks, bag tape, bag sealers, trays, liners, hot melts etc. For a more detailed list of our products, or to enquire about a specific product, please call us, or send an email from our Contact Page.