Spectra Trust - November 7th 2011!

Welcome to Spectra Trust


"Up There"

Spectra Trust is fast becoming one of the market leaders in supplying packaging material.


"Established 1992"

With 2 decades of supplying high quality packaging material to most markets pertaining to agriculture.


About Us

Spectra Trust was established in 1992 and have been trading successfully for the past 19 years. Spectra Trust is a distributor of high quality packaging material to most markets pertaining to agriculture. Our mission is to develop a world-class distribution network and to manage our business to the advantage of all interested parties. The owners of the business, Stephen Stofberg, Lyndie Stewart and her son Kevin together with their management team, aim to manage Spectra Trust on a professional and socially responsible manner. Emphasis is placed on the development and sustainable growth of all partners in the value chain in order to guarantee clients the seamless and timely distribution of packaging material at an affordable price.

Spectra Trust Culture- and Values system :

  • 1. To do business with thankfulness, faith and trust in God.
  • 2. To always do business with integrity, honesty, transparency and ethical values.
  • 3. To always deliver the best service to clients and suppliers.
  • 4. The promotion of equal opportunities.
  • 5. To always be loyal to clients and suppliers.
  • 6. To always find the newest products and services.
  • 7. Show respect for other people's language, religion and democratic rights.
  • 8. Be courteous and helpful to all people.
  • 9. Professionalism, knowledge and accuracy are the corner stones of our business.
  • 10. Support the development of individual potential.

Our Products

John Deere Clothing Range
John Deere clothing range for ladies and gents including caps, shirts, buckles and toys. Available at our retail stores.   Read More

We supply various carton types for most export and local market fruit including all related inserts like trays and sheets etc.   Read More

We supply most of the leading brands of punnets available for almost any fruit type.   Read More

Plastic bags
We supply all your plastic bag needs for any fruit type   Read More